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The Property Managers Lifeline to Asbestos Management.

Join two of Acorn's Directors, best-selling authors and asbestos experts Ian Stone and Neil Munro as they educate, guide and take the complication out of asbestos management.

Get the information you need to help manage your asbestos risk.

"Remember asbestos first, not last" - Neil Munro and Ian Stone.

Feb 24, 2020

In this episode Neil and Ian discuss the issues surrounding asbestos works which involve working in hot environments.

Hot working Examples: Boiler rooms, ducts and confined spaces, Attics in summer, Working outside in summer e.g. polyethene enclosures next to glazing,

Issues around enclosures failing (falling...

Feb 17, 2020

To mark the 50th episode, Neil and Ian look at some of the key points from the last 50 episodes. Covering all the key elements of asbestos management.

Highlight episodes include:

Asbestos Emergencies - What to do

Specifications for asbestos removal works, what’s the point?

How do you get the right asbestos...

Feb 10, 2020

In this episode Neil and Ian discuss is PVA a suitable material to use as an encapsulant? What is PVA?

Polyvinyl Acetate - best known as wood glue, white glue, carpenter's glue, school glue.

A number of microorganisms can degrade polyvinyl acetate. Most commonly, damage is caused by filamentous fungi—however...

Feb 3, 2020

In this episode Neil and Ian discuss points surrounding the risks and highlight points to consider when undertaking asbestos removal works within lofts.

Points to consider:

  • Occupants below
  • Decanting during the works or for longer periods, issues the client faces for rehousing office workers
  • Risks carrying out the...